Con TRAZINS, el material quirúrgico, en las mejores condiciones.
Corporate Information

TRAZINS is a company that was born with the objective to develop new tools and solutions, adapted to the real needs of hospitals, in the surgical instruments management and traceability field.

Sharing the knowledge of their founders, with more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare area, with all the hospitals that wish to achieve traceability for the whole of their surgical instruments.

We develop custom-made projects full adapted to each hospital needs, with the main objective to provide the hospitals with the appropriate tools to achieve not only the traceability, documented control of all the processes, but other aims with the same, or even more, level of importance, as:

  • To accomplish the maximum quality in equipment and processes.
  • To improve instruments management by increasing control in the processes and getting better optimization of material resources.

One of the features related to surgical instruments is the huge quantity of references and manufacturers that exist. It turns the knowledge of the real inventory of surgical instruments into a very complicated task, and even more complicated is to calculate each instrument productivity and profitability.

To have the knowledge of the real inventory of surgical instruments, from the quantity and quality points of view, has some direct benefits, as:

  • To be able to evaluate the necessary actions to achieve the absolute quality of the surgical instruments, considering their functional and surface conditions, avoiding the risk of “rust cross-transmission”.
  • To be able to accurately define the purchasing necessities.

Possible damages in some surgical instruments as rusting or corrosion can cause additional damages to other instruments and other equipment s in the CSSD

Each Project developed to optimize and improve the management of the surgical instruments, can be considered as an IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM of the CSSD.