Each surgical instrument must be safe for the patient, preserving the same performance than it had whenever was delivered for the manufacturer.(RD 1591/2009)
Patient safety.

For Trazins the final objective is to achieve the maximum patient safety during the surgical procedures, by ensuring the maximum quality of surgical instruments and related processes.

The surgical instrument is the tool used by the surgeon to perform a surgical procedure. It is a key factor to ensure the surgical procedure success, and to guarantee this, every detail should be cared and kept in mind.

Objectives: Quality, Management, Traceability.


Each surgical set should contain the right quantity of instruments, and all of them must be in perfect conditions, considering their functionality and surface conditions.

This is necessary to avoid added difficulties during a surgical procedure caused by a malfunction of an instrument, and to prevent possible nosocomial infections due to the presence of no biocompatible substances in the surgical field.

Surgical instruments appropriate maintenance is one of the best investments in order to preserve the quality.



In our opinion, to have an optimal instrument management system, these factors should be taken into account:

  • Permanently updated inventoryTo know the current resources in real time.
  • Instruments condition.To know the functional and surface conditions of the material.
  • Productivity. To have the knowledge regarding number of uses and sterilization processes.
  • Maintenance costs. To know all the instruments related costs after their acquisition.
  • Real profitability.To be able to link the costs to the surgical procedures.
Distribution of instruments by specialty


A software designed for surgical instruments management and traceability should be able to cover the current and future necessities of the hospitals. It has to be intuitive, should be in permanent development and, of course, it is a must to guarantee an appropriate and continuous support to the final user.

Within TRAZINS we have our own computer department. Our tools have been developed with the cooperation of some of the main experts in sterilization of Spanish hospitals in order to guarantee the maximum adaptation of the software to the real needs and objectives.

Surgical instruments coding, at set and instrument level, together with the computerized register of all the processes related to the regular cycle of the instruments: reception in the CSSD, washing and disinfection, set assembly, packaging, sterilization, deliver to the operating rooms, pre and post surgical procedure counting and use during the surgical procedure, make easier instrument management, and guarantee a very high level of quality, that have, without any doubt, a positive effect in the patient safety .

In case of necessity, the software provides the possibility to obtain multidirectional traceability reports that, from one particular sterilization process or surgical procedure, will provide the responsible in the hospital all the required information to help in infections prevention and control.